Zephyr FAQ

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  1. How are Zephyr distributed?

    The amount of Zephyr distributed during the tokensale period will be 30% of the total supply. A further 30% will enter circulation through rewards distribution to network users with the remainder held by the company and team to pay relevant Sales and Marketing expenses for network growth. A full breakdown is here:

    • 30% Available during the tokensale 30 day period
    • 30% Customer Rewards
    • 5% Bitspark Team
    • 35% Marketing, Sales team Hiring
  2. Which Blockchain will Zephyr be distributed on?

    The Bitshares Blockchain.

  3. Are there any rewards / incentives for buying the Zephyr tokens?

    Yes, we have a discount schedule as per the below depending on the amount of coins sold per pricing tier. The Tokensale period will be live for 30 days.

    Discount BonusPrice per Zephyr in US$Percentage of CrowdsaleTotal Zephyr
  4. Will Zephyr be traded on Exchanges?

    The Bitshares DEX will have Zephyr exchange functions on day 1, if other centralised exchanges choose to list the token we are happy to assist in that.

  5. When will the tokensale begin?

    Zephyr Token website will be live from September 5th. Official sale will begin 6th October and end 6th November.

  6. How to sign up?

    First sign up and make an account at zephyr.bitspark.io/signup please note this account separate to your bitspark.io account.

  7. How do I purchase Zephyr?

    After signing up for an account, you will be able to deposit BTC, ETH and BTS on your ‘Funding’ page. Follow the prompts and send only to the address displayed. Once your coins have been credited, please visit the ‘Buy’ page to enter the amount of coins you want and hit ‘Buy’.

  8. Can I deposit via bank transfer?

    No we do not offer deposits or withdrawals via bank transfer or national currencies.

  9. Are there any restrictions on this sale?

    The Zephyr tokensale is not open to citizens and residents of the United States and is not a ‘Security’, ‘Investment Scheme’ or ‘Public Offer’ under Hong Kong law.

  10. Is there any ROI on Zephyr?

    Zephyr is not a investment scheme or financial instrument and has no ROI in and of itself. Customers are recommended to be familiar with the risks of Blockchain tokens before taking part in the token sale.

  11. How will I be able to receive my tokens?

    You must have a valid Bitshares account and you can withdraw your Zephyr tokens to this account after the token sale period finishes. Bitspark will endeavour to enable withdrawals as soon as possible within 1-3 days post closing of the Tokensale.